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Robert Stanek has been helping other writers as long as he’s been a writer. Over the years, he’s helped more than a few writers get professionally published, not just indie published. Today, he helps indie authors through Read Indies and Go Indie. To him, being indie means being independent. When asked, he says he went indie in 2001 because too many people were telling him what him couldn’t do in writing or why this book or that book didn’t fit in the standard mold. His Ruin Mist books made it to the desks of executive editors at publishing houses—from the slush pile including at Tor and Del Rey. Betsy Mitchell (former Editor-In-Chief at Del Rey) herself told him how fantastic the story was yet neither Tor nor Del Rey elected to publish. So eventually, he decided to go independent and do his own thing. So that’s why, to him, being indie means doing your own thing. “You do the solo chicken dance. You do it your way. You hope for the best.”

Robert Stanek created several sites to tell readers more about his work. is a web site for all things Bugville Critters. is for Ruin Mist. is for Magic Lands. Also and as his main “writing” sites.

When he’s not writing, Robert says he "Plays as hard as he works." To him, that means spending time with his family. Getting out into the world when he’s on a break. Some days it means taking a walk or going for a hike. Other times, it means getting away to somewhere quiet with friends and family.

To get work done and be so prolific, Robert Stanek also says at times he must tune out the world. Recently, he had to restrict his time on social media so he could get work done. "Finding focus and balance is important. If you’re having trouble focusing and finding time to write, you have to re-prioritize, find a balance that works."